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  • +WHEN
    Saturday 28th September 2013
  • +TIME
  • +WHERE
    Qld Police Pistol Club
    Les Sampson Way
    Belmont Shooting Complex
    Old Cleveland Road
    The pistol shooting component of the 2013 Games will be conducted at the Qld Police Pistol Club ranges at Belmont.

    Unlicensed competitors will be required to declare that they meet the legislated criteria of being a fit and proper person to hold a weapons license prior to participating. All competitors are required to bring and wear fully enclosed footwear, safety glasses and hearing protection whilst on the range.

    The events for the day are:
    PPC Duty Gun match (licensed shooter – 48 rounds – male and female)
    PPC Duty Gun match (unlicensed shooter – 48 rounds – male and female)
    APSM Match (licensed shooter – 90 rounds – male and female)

    Competitors of the PPC Duty Gun match should bring issue duty belt, holster and magazine pouches. Ammunition for the PPC Duty Gun is available subject to prior arrangement with the pistol shooting coordinator.
    Mob: 0411 533 322